U.S. Immigration LEGAL Advisory Services

Standard Attorney'S SERVICES & FEES

Each of the individually set and below-provided attorney services and fee rates represent the billable rates of the attorney as are respectively determined by the attorney in his respective professional discretion as based upon the specifically required and duly applicable scope of necessary and required provision of legal services and works for each case.



* Initial Attorney Consultation Rates
  Initial Attorney Consultation of one session including and up to a set maximum of 60-minutes (initial / preliminary) (USD $395.00)

Our law firm accepts bank wire transfers, electronic check deposits and all major types of credit cards.


If, when and where applicable, if (after the initial consultation, you thereafter enter into an official Attorney Services Agreement (and hence, an applicable Attorney-Client Relationship) with the law firm of Matthews Law Firm, P.C. then, under such circumstances, you shall not have to pay the above-mentioned initial consultation fee(s) and, if you have already paid any/all such initial retainer amount(s) then the same will be applied and credited to your applicable client account.