U.S. Immigration LEGAL Advisory Services

Standard "SET-Rate" Attorney'S Fees

(updateD: Jan. 2018)

Each of the individually set and below-provided "flat-rate" attorney fees represent billable rates of the attorney as are respectively determined by the attorney in his respective professional discretion as based upon the specifically required and duly applicable scope of necessary and required provision of legal services and works, potentially including, but not exclusively limited to, required U.S. governmental filings and attorney initiated, requested and/or relatedly performed activities that a similar and/or generally comparable type of U.S. immigration case matter may presumptively require (i.e., both technically and substantively speaking).

If and as may initially be (or subsequently become) applicable, it is important to note that any of the applicable "attorney fee" rates assessed and required for any individual case matter shall not be deemed as inclusive of any of the duly applicable and/or required DHS / USCIS filing fees for such applicable category of case matter, which extends to any and all other duly applicable and/or required U.S. governmental filing fees and associated costs (as shall be applicably determined on an individual case-by-case basis). For the ease and convenience of our clients, our law firm does offer hourly-rate based professional attorney services, set "flat-rate" based services and certain types of retainer / capped-fee attorney based services as well as manageable payment plans. 


* Initial Attorney Consultation Rates (as of Jan. 2018)
  Initial Attorney Consultation of one session including and up to a set maximum of 60-minutes (initial / preliminary) (USD $395.00)

Our law firm accepts electronic checks and all major types of credit cards.


If, when and where applicable, if (after the initial consultation, you thereafter enter into an official Attorney Services Agreement (and hence, an applicable Attorney-Client Relationship) with the law firm of Matthews Law Firm, P.C. then, under such circumstances, you shall not have to pay the above-mentioned initial consultation fee(s) and, if you have already paid any/all such initial retainer amount(s) then the same will be applied and credited to your applicable client account.


Deferred Action for CHILD Immigrants

Deferred Action Process (entered U.S. under the age of 16) USD $ 5,995.00

Deferred Action Complex Process (prior criminal record, presence outside the U.S., etc.) USD $ 7,995.00


Family Residency Petitions (Entire Process)

Family visa petition (I-129F / I-130) in conjunction with adjustment of status (I-485) (if visa is immediately available) USD $ 7,995.00

Family visa petition (I-129F / I-130) in conjunction with adjustment of status (I-485), Complex (entails any complications such as: prior criminal charges, tax issues, improper receipt of public benefits, joint sponsorship, etc.) USD $ 12,995.00

Family visa petition (I-129F / I-130) in conjunction with consular processing (DS-230) (if visa is immediately available) USD $ 7,995.00

Request, preparation and filing of motion to DHS/USCIS to expedite visa petition (I-129F / I-130) processing / decision USD $995.00 to $2,995.00 (per individual request made and remitted vis-a-vis a specified petition case matter)


Family Residency Petitions (Part of the Process)

Family visa petition (I-129F / I-130), if no visa immediately available USD $ 7,995.00

Family adjustment of status, I-485 (needs to have approved I-129F / I-130 petition and a current priority date) USD $ 5,995.00

Family consular processing (needs to have approved I-129F / I-130 and a current priority date) USD $ 8,995.00

Request, preparation and filing of motion to DHS/USCIS to expedite visa petition (I-129F / I-130) processing / decision USD $995.00 to $2,995.00 (per individual request made and remitted vis-a-vis a specified petition case matter)



Removal of Conditions on Residency (I-751) of spouse–joint petition USD $ 2,995.00

Removal of Conditions on Residency (I-751) of spouse–self petition USD $ 2,995.00

Removal of Conditions on Residency (I-751) for a Minor Child (if performed in conjunction with parent) USD $ 2,995.00


Employment Residency Petition (Entire Process)

LCA/PERM Petition-Petition for Alien Worker ($1,000 LCA and $3,000 initial I-140 preparation) USD $ 5,995.00

I-140 Petition Filing (for alien worker) USD $ 4,995.00

Employment-based adjustment of status, I-485, done in conjunction with LCA/PERM and I-140 processing USD $ 4,995.00

EB-1 Petition USD $ 8,995.00


Employment Residency Petition (Part of the Process)

Employment-based adjustment of status done independently of the LCA/I-140 processing USD $ 4,995.00


Visa Processing

E Visa Petition USD $ 8,995.00

L Visa Petition USD $ 8,995.00

H-1B Visa Petition USD $ 8,995.00

K-1 Visa Petition USD $ 7,995.00

O Visa Petition USD $ 8,995.00

TPS Process USD $ 3,000.00

TN Visa Petition USD $ 4,995.00

P Visa Petition USD $ 8,995.00

J-1 Visa Waiver USD $ 8,995.00

Visa Extension USD $ 4,995.00

U Visa Application USD $ 5,995.00

VAWA Green Card USD $ 5,995.00

Visa Renewals (H, E, O, etc. if our law firm processed the first application) USD $ 3,995.00



Asylum Petition (affirmative–not in removal proceedings) USD $ 7,995.00

Asylum Petition (in removal proceedings) USD $ 8,995.00

Derivative Asylum Petition for family (form I-730) Standard USD $ 1,995.00

Derivative Asylum Petition for family (form I-730) Complex USD $ 3,995.00

Asylee’s Residency Petition (I-485) USD $ 2,995.00

Asylee’s Residency Petition (I-485) for derivative child USD $ 1,995.00


Naturalization Processing

Naturalization Process USD $ 4,995.00

Complex Naturalization Process (prior criminal charges, extended presence outside the U.S., etc.) USD $ 8,995.00

Appeal for Denial of Naturalization (N-336 Administrative Appeal) USD $ 12,995.00


Immigration Court: Deportation & Removal Proceedings

Appeal to the BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) USD $5,995.00 – $12,995.00

Cancellation of Removal (10 year law) USD $ 8,995.00

Removal Proceeding or Deportation Representation USD $ 7,995.00

212(c) Relief USD $ 8,995.00

Adjustment of Status in Removal Proceedings USD $ 7,995.00

Motion to Terminate (criminal offenses) in removal proceedings USD $ 7,995.00

Motion to Reopen– immigration cases USD $ 4,995.00

I-601 Waiver in Removal Proceedings USD $ 8,995.00


Federal Court FILINGS

Writ of Mandamus USD $ 7,995.00

Naturalization Complaint USD $ 7,995.00

Writ of Habeas Corpus USD $ 7,995.00


Other AVAILABLE Services

Waiver of Inadmissibility (I-601)  USD $ 4,995.00

Waiver of Inadmissibility in removal proceedings USD $ 8,995.00

Waiver of Inadmissibility (I-601 A) in conjunction with a Family Residency Petition (I-130) USD $ 7,995.00

DHS/USCIS Request for Evidence ("RFE") Reply Advise and Preparation Assistance (Basic) USD $ 995.00 to $ 1,995.00

DHS/USCIS Request for Evidence ("RFE") Reply Advise and Preparation Assistance (Complex) USD $ 2,995.00 to $ 7,995.00

I-102 application for the replacement of I-94 card USD $ 1,995.00

I-90 application for the replacement or renewal of Green Card USD $ 1,995.00

FOIA ("Freedom of Information Act") Request or Evaluation Fee USD $ 1,995.00

DHS/USCIS Request to Expedite Review and Decision of and for Previous / Current Case Motion/s Filed in re: RFE Response(s) and/or Other Supplemental Case Filings USD $ 995.00 to $2,995.00 (per individual case request filed)

Initial Detailed Case Review “Case Evaluation” (New Case / Existing Case “Part of Process”) Fee USD $1,995.00 to $5,995.00

Business / Company - Organizational Structures, Formations, Implementations  USD $ 4,995.00


Schedule of Additional SERVICES / Fees for Immigration MATTERS*

(*) As above, these are "flat rate" legal fees and do not include any USCIS / U.S. governmental filing fees.

Visa derivatives for relatives (i.e. H-4, O-3, etc.) if filed with primary petitioner USD $ 2,995.00 (plus filing fees)

Respond to an RFE (request for additional evidence) from the USCIS–Standard Matter USD $ 1,995.00 to $ 2,995.00

Respond to an RFE (request for additional evidence) from the USCIS–Complex Matter USD $ 3,995.00 to $5,995.00

Additional Employment Authorization Application USD $ 1,995.00 (plus filing fees)

Application for permission to travel document/advanced parole USD $ 1,995.00 (plus filing fees)

Filing a request for a continuance of an interview scheduled with the USCIS USD $ 1,995.00

Additional USCIS interview appearance USD $ 2,995.00

Additional master calendar hearing appearance USD $ 2,995.00

Initial motion to continue hearing because of a pending application (may be necessary for cases in court) USD $ 2,995.00

Additional motion to continue hearing because of a pending application USD $ 2,995.00

Scheduling Infopass appointment (without appearance) USD $ 2,995.00

Scheduling and appearance at Infopass appointment (complex cases) USD $ 5,995.00

Gathering / Collection / Request(s) for Documents (from court, government agencies, prior attorneys) USD 395.00 (per hour)

Re-filing of a case USD $395.00 (per hour)

Business necessity claim USD $ 5,995.00

FBI / Fingerprint Processing USD $ 1,995.00 (plus any/all applicable governmental form / filing fees)

Retrieving and preliminary analysis and confirmation of previous arrest(s) and/or criminal records USD $ 1,995.00

Translation of documents USD $ 395.00 (plus $25.00 for each additional page)


Schedule oF Fees for Immigration Cases: Criminal Case Components

Motion for the continuance of a hearing USD $ 595.00 (per filing and excluding court fees / costs)

Gathering documents (from court, government agencies, prior attorneys) USD $395.00 (per hour)

FBI / Fingerprint processing USD $ 1,995.00 (plus any/all applicable governmental form / filing fees)

Retrieving and analyzing criminal records USD $ 4,995.00

Translation of documents USD $ 395.00 (plus $25.00 for each additional page)

Additional charges / costs in courts of concurrent jurisdiction (costs vary based upon the applicable jurisdiction)

Motion Filing to Vacate Conviction (Simple) USD $ 5,995.00

Motion Filing to Vacate Conviction (Complex) USD $ 10,995.00

Interlocutory Appeals USD $ 395.00 (per hour / at Attorney's standard hourly billable rate)

Sentencing Appeals or Appeals of Convictions USD $ 295.00 (per hour / at Attorney's standard hourly billable rate)

Rule 29 Motion to Vacate or Reduce a Conviction Sentence USD $ 395.00 (per hour / at Attorney's standard hourly billable rate)

Motion for a new trial USD $ 395.00 (per hour / at Attorney's standard hourly billable rate)


Where reasonably possible, our attorney attempts to reasonably foresee any/all potential issues, directly or indirectly, pertaining to your specific U.S. immigration case matter as based upon the case history and facts at hand and for this reason, it is critically important for you to be completely honest, open and upfront concerning the history and facts of your case and to be as thoroughly detailed as is reasonably possible under the applicable circumstances with regard to the history, background and any/all applicable factual information you provide to our law firm at your initial consultation, subsequent to hiring our attorney /  law firm and/or upon any/all subsequent requests for information and/or additional supplemental documentation that you may receive from our attorney / law firm.

Our law firm's service-based fee structure simplifies, streamlines and clarifies attorney/client communications related to pricing, thereby allowing our clients to better estimate / foresee and plan for the overall costs of our attorney representation for their particular case, as well as to understand in advance, what activities may and/or will constitute additional attorney work / services and therefore be subject to and/or require additional attorneys fees.

Clients must be sure to understand and remember that the applicable form application fees / charges of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and/or any other type(s) of required and/or incurred expense(s) which our firm and/or attorneys pay and/or otherwise incur directly or indirectly for and towards the procedural or substantive advancement of any/all aspects of your case, such as (but not neccessairly limited to) the use of express mail, investigation expenses, job advertisements for employment-based immigration cases, travel, parking, etc. shall, in any/all such instances, be your, the client's, sole and exclusive responsibility (whether to be paid in advance or via reimbursement) - separate and in addition to our applicable legal / attorneys fees.

For reference to any/all applicable U.S. Immigration Service filing fees, please visit:

Any/all invoices issued to clients are due upon receipt, and our law firms / attorneys expressly reserve the right to pause, postpone, cease or otherwise immediately stop any/all legal or attorney work if any/all of our law firm invoice(s) are not paid in full and on time and our law firm / attorneys may and/or will formally withdraw their provision of formal attorney representation if our invoices are not paid, in full and on time. Therefore, at the point any client hires our law firm / attorneys, we always request
that you sign a contract and pay the service-based legal fee (or first installment if we have agreed on a payment plan) before we start and commence any work on or for your case.



Any/all forms or types of accepted client work mandates for USCIS / immigration matters, work products, filings or otherwise that (based on the opinion or request of the attorney or client) must be filed or completed within five (5) calendar days from the day our firm is hired (the applicable date upon which the contract is mutually signed and completed and the associated legal / attorneys fees are paid in full) may, upon the attorney's sole and independent discretion, require an additional surcharge due to the last minute additional work load placed on our attorneys and law firm.