MATTHEWS LAW FIRM, P.C. is a law firm comprised of a highly respected, skilled and experienced U.S. licensed attorney with a dedicated client centered approach enabled by our exclusive specialized practice of U.S. immigration law. 

Our law firm is dedicated to serving and professionally advising a diverse worldwide client-base sincerely interested in (or already in the process of) significantly improving their lives and the lives of their families by immigrating to America - which offers a stimulatingly unique cultural and professional exposure to world-class opportunities for well paying jobs, careers and educational opportunities. Our clients, like our attorneys, are intelligent, sophisticated and goal oriented men and women who understand the true value of hard-work, dedicated preparation and persistence when it comes to achieving their goals. There are very few things in life that truly offer more to improve a person's quality of life and provide exposure to unlimited opportunities for personal and professional advancement than the opportunity to immigrate to the United States of America. It is always important to remember that, what you may now view as a burdensome, time-consuming, expensive and complex process - that is U.S. immigration law - is a burdensome, time-consuming, expensive and complex process - that is your opportunity - that millions of people all across the world are sincerely hoping to maybe possibly be able to share with you one day.

United States (U.S.) immigration law is a highly complex, time-consuming and specialized area of legal practice. Important matters require serious lawyers. 

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), in conjunction with the United States Department of Homeland Security inter alia, represent the pertinent U.S. government agencies involved in U.S. immigration laws, procedures, rules and regulations. It is always best, although not always required, to be prepared well in advance and to consult with and/or retain a U.S. qualified attorney. The majority of United States immigration issues, matters and/or cases require strict adherence to documentation production requirements as well as applicable timeline and submission deadlines. US Immigration lawyers in Dubai and other global emerging markets are highly trained and skilled professionals able to guide and appropriately assist clients.

The Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) is the body of law governing United States of America immigration policy and, generally speaking, provides for an annual worldwide limitation of 675,000 permanent immigrants (with certain exceptions for close family members and/or relatives). Broadly speaking, immigration to the United States of America is based upon a multiplicity of legal and circumstantial principles, including (but not strictly limited to): the re-unification of families, admitting (temporary or permanent) immigrants with exceptional educational backgrounds and skill sets that are valuable to the United States economy, protecting refugees and promoting and advancing the principle of diversity.


1. Family Based Immigration

2. Employment (Skill / Qualification Based) Immigration

3. Investment Based Immigration (EB-5 Visa) (with investments of USD $500,000 or $1,000,000 and applicable job creation requirements).

4. Diversity Based Immigration (also referred to as the "Lottery Visa Program" or "DV" an annual program to promote beneficial diversity).

5. Marriage Based Immigration

6. Education Based (Student Visa) Immigration

6. Refugees and Asylum Immigration

7. Other forms of various humanitarian relief (such as medical treatment, etc.)

8. Other common issues include: US visit visa applications and issuances, permanent resident status, green-card and naturalization.

(*) Individuals requiring the expertise of US immigration lawyers in Dubai are advised to contact our law firm today. In most if not all U.S. immigration matters, applicable and/or required time-sensitive submission requirements (and required adherence to important deadline dates) are always an important factor to understand, prepare for and take into appropriate consideration.